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This page lists all SSAC press releases (with attachments) and publications.
SSAC quarterly meeting minutes can be found on the Business page.

The following SSAC reports are no longer available and are out of print.

  • Why Science Education Matters: Supporting and Improving Science Education in Scottish Schools (November 2003)
  • Science Matters: making the right connections for Scotland (January 2004)
  • Investing in Scientific Talent (October 2004)
  • Knowledge Transfer: Science to Scottish Businesses (October 2004)
  • Scientific Network of Excellence in Energy (December 2006)
  • Research Excellence in E-health (November 2006)
  • Animal Bioscience Research in Scotland Workshop Report (December 2006)

02 October 2012

SSAC Update Report

23 August 2012


19 January 2012

31 March 2011

SSAC Publishes Science Education Workshop Report

05 May 2010

11 March 2010

Top Scientists to advise Scottish Government

21 August 2009

29 November 2002

SSAC Response to the Joint Funding Council’s Consultation on Research Assessment

01 November 2002

A Science Strategy for Scotland – One Year On

27 August 2002

Leading lights of Scottish science turn spotlight on the high school