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06 March 2012
Professor Muffy Calder, Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland
Professor Muffy Calder is appointed Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland
19 January 2012
Science Education: Enhancing Support for School Through Collaboration
25 May 2011
Interview with new SSAC member Dr Russell Greig
31 March 2011
SSAC publishes a report of its Science Education Workshop held at the University of Glasgow on 14 December
15 July 2010
SSAC host a reception at the Scottish Parliament with Liam McArthur MSP, Vice Convenor of the Cross Party Group on Science and Technology
05 May 2010
Telehealthcare - Time for Action
New report calls on Scotland to lead the way in developing technology-related healthcare
11 March 2010
Twelve leading scientists have joined the specialist panel that advises the Scottish Government on science issues.