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28 March 2013
3rd SSAC Update Report - March 2013
12 March 2013
SSAC's response to the Research Council Triennial Review
20 February 2013
Scotland's Science Base must do more to drive economic growth
14 January 2013
Second SSAC Update Report - December 2012
22 November 2012
Some Consequences of Open Access Publishing
02 October 2012
SSAC Update Report- September 2012
28 September 2012
SSAC Member appointed chairman of the Cell Therapy catapult Centre
23 August 2012
Four new members have joined the Scottish Science Advisory Council to advise the Scottish Government on science issues.
06 July 2012
SSAC Member appointed President of the Society of General Microbiology
26 April 2012
Professor Ian Boyd has been appointed by Defra to be its new Chief Scientific Adviser.